Redskins Lyndon Antonio Trail Asks Why Black Athletes Marry White Women Catfishing NFL Player Explains How Black Women Aren’t “Coachable”

By Robert Littal
Simple rule.

Date whoever you want, but don’t downgrade your race, because no matter what you say, your mom, grandmother, aunts, cousins and etc are all black women, so if you talking down to black women you are talking down to your blood.

Redskins Lyndon Antonio Trail on his personal Facebook page asked the question why do so many black athletes date white women.

The post has been deleted, but there was a lot of reactions including on from a guy who says he plays for the Dolphins who goes by Maserati Rick.

The problem is no one from the Dolphins that I have asked knows who he is, so either he is a practice squad guy or he is just catfishing and doesn’t play in the league at all.

If he is in the league or played in the league it was at the lowest of levels. He deleted his Instagram account before I can ask him which one it was.

Whatever the case he replied to Antonio Trail’s post by saying black women are uncoachable and aren’t submissive enough for his liking. It is a horrible, sexiest, stupid thing to say and frankly makes all black men look bad, so hopefully black women won’t hold it against us all.

Flip the pages to see the vile things he had to say…


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