Model of the Week: Sakara Ross...she's sooo on fire!

Born Sakara Nicole Ross in Nacogdoches, Texas on February 24, 1986, she always exhibited special qualities, winning beauty and undeniable talent. Track and field meets, beauty pageants and talent shows filled her childhood with plenty of memories and the beginning fuel for her future fame. Graduating from high school from Nacogdoches, Sakara moved to Houston to diligently continue her post-secondary studies. She enrolled in the University of Houston with a focus on Kinesiology-Sports Administration. Shortly after this time, Sakara's beauty was spotted and she made her first appearance in Houston based rapper Mike Jones' movie "The American Dream". Undoubtly, she was quickly recruited for other video and movie cameos as well as top magazine layouts. Sakara has risen beyond expectations while pursuing her bachelor's degree and using her natural abilities to navigate inside the entertainment industry. She Graduated from the University of Houston with a Degree in Kinesiology- Sports Administration and she also minored in Health. Currently, Sakara is traveling between Houston and Los Angeles fitness training and attending acting classes, gearing up for her first Hollywood debut. Stay tuned for more information and updates on the beautiful Ms. Sakara Ross!


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