Every 10 Seconds, Stylish Girls Buy This Item From Topshop

PHOTO: Sandra Semburg


Topshop released a couple fun shopping facts with its spring denim collection today—some of which were too interesting not to share. According to a recent press release from the UK-based brand, over the past year, Topshop has sold one pair of jeans every 10 seconds. Furthermore, the brand’s global flagship store on London’s Oxford Street sells one pair of jeans every minute. Side note: If you’re ever shopping on Oxford Street in London, you have to check out the massive fast-fashion store, especially since the three-story store is always full of the most fashionable women.

The brand always stocks affordable and on-trend denim designs, so it’s no wonder shoppers are so speedy to stock up on the freshest styles. For spring, the brand released key styles and washes like Jamie and Joni—all inspired by rising models. Keep reading to see each covetable pair.

Topshop’s spring denim collection below…


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