President Obama Shares NCAA Toruney Bracket & Shows Love to ACC

By Curtis Morton
President Trump is probably not releasing his latest tax returns anytime soon, and he also declined to release an NCAA tournament bracket this year.  Thankfully, President Obama is continuing his tradition of filling out a bracket for the field of 68, and he is putting his faith in the ACC this year.

Here is President Obama’s long form bracket:

In the title game, Obama has Duke versus North Carolina with UNC winning an all ACC showdown. Judging from his past experience with picking brackets, it’s safe to say that North Carolina will not be winning the title this year, because 44 has never picked the champion in any of his past brackets.

However, President Obama appears to be the expert at picking early round upsets, so you may want to follow his lead and put down some “pay your rent” prop bets this week on the 12-5 match up.


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