The Style of Anna Sian | New York, USA

Name: Anna Sian
Occupation: Market Director of Staple
Top: ICNY (T-Shirt), Staple (Denim Button-Down), Schott NYC Perfecto (Leather Motorcycle Jacket)
Bottom: Nike Epic (Running Tights)
Accessory: SUPER (Sunglasses), Vintage Sterling Silver Rings
Footwear: Nike Flyknit Racer (Sneaker)

Born and raised in the East Village, Anna Sian had hope to cut her chops in the advertising world once she graduated from Dartmouth College in 2007. One thing led to another and serendipitously, she landed into her current gig as the Marketing Director for New York City-based apparel brand Staple.

In her well-aged Perfecto Motorcycle Jacket by Schott NYC and SUPER sunglasses, Sian’s “tough girl” image is soften by the casual Nike Epic Running Tights and Flyknit Racer sneaker. The same theme of juxtaposition continues in her mix of the new (ICNY and Staple) with the old (vintage accessories). Soft spoken and always ready with a smile, Sian debunks the stereotypical notion of how a New Yorker should be. However, that “downtown home girl”mindset still resides within and truly shows in her ensemble.


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