Insta Profile – Raheim Simon: Black Soap

We’re kicking off the June edition of our Insta Profile series with a look at Raheim Simon, aka Black_Soap. A New York native since birth, Raheim originates from the Bronx but now calls Brooklyn home. He refers to himself as an “urban explorer,” whose artistic bent leans toward “dark, moody, grungy pictures,” but don’t be fooled: there’s an innate sense of composition in his images, mixed with found beauty in the fleeting moments of stillness that can occur in the streets of the city. Check out a sampling of his work below.

Raheim Simon

Photo Editing Tools & Software:
For my photos I use afterlight, picfx, color splash (sometimes) & mextures. Not in any given order.

Photos on Instagram take by Apple iPhone or DSLR Camera?
My Instagram feed is strictly iPhone. If I have a picture on my slr that I really want to share then I may post for a couple days and then delete it.


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