They are not worthy 

Tonto Dikeh Disowns Siblings

 The 10th of April is celebrated as the World Siblings Day but for controversial Nollywood actress and singer, Tonto Dikeh, she is her own family and none of her six siblings is worth addressing as so.
As Nigeria and other countries all over the world celebrated their siblings, Tonto or Poko, as she is fondly called, disowned her own and even took to twitter to let them know that there is no connection between them.
Tonto's stance on her family may be as a result of the beef she had with them few weeks ago when she took to social media to tell a touching and emotional story of how she had to struggle to send herself to school and even had to clean her school mates rooms just to get N200.
That message got one of her sisters, Tushmee mad, and she fired back at the actress, calling her a shameless liar and attention seeker trying to make their father look incapable of taking care of his kids, just because Tonto wanted to be relevant.

Now, it seems that the battle line has been drawn between Tonto and her siblings.




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