"MODEL OF THE WEEK" Victoria Mone't. She also writes on STORY BEHIND: “Game Green”

Victoria writes on STORY BEHIND: “Game Green” Enjoy it...


Sex trafficking is a huge & silent problem in Houston, Texas. Pimping is done clever and has young girls, stuck & scared. There's one specific young lady that was put in situations that had her down and out. Because of strength and self-will she was able to succeed.


Her name is Victoria Mone't . She’s been in the Entertainment business for years, from TV hosting, radio hosting for 87.9 KACC as a newscaster to doing music videos etc...

Victoria was an exotic dancer for 5 years at a high class predominately white club. She saved up thousands and retired at 21. She continued her modeling career full time and then started her own business as a model consultant.

Thou everything might have seemed great with her on the outside;Victoria has a story to tell.

She was has been brutally beating and constantly put in forceful situation with a thing common in the industry called "pimps". In which forced her to retire.

“I had one gorilla pimp put a gun to my head and tell me I was going to sleep with men he told me to or he would kill me...i felt as if i was tricked into this industry i had no idea what i had got myself into!!"

Victoria lucky got out of the situation alive after pleading and begging to leave.

"I cried and screamed please this not for me, just let me go! he said if I let you go I’ll have to beat you first"

Victoria chose to be beating till she blacked out and was able to leave.

"I just never want anyone to go through what I went through! Pimps will say anything to get you into their home. Ifyou’re not aware of whom these guys are, you can get yourself into a bad situation.

Victoria continued on explaining a thing called "Toss-up"

"Atoss-up is a term that means if you get with a certain type pimp in this matter a "gorilla" if he realizes you’re not making him enough money or he sees too many problems with you he will pass you on to his gorilla pimp friends, these guys keep you on drugs and everything else. Onceyou’re tossed up you can never leave being pimped unless beaten out or sometimes killed"

 After that day she was beaten out Victoria never looked back , she focused on her and came up with a plan to get out the industry.it took her exactly  2 years later to finally come to where she felt she was able to retire financially and she left the stripper business at 21.

“For the first 5 months of my retirement I was getting questions from ex coworkers & old friends like crazy asking how did it!”

The continued inquires lead her to write a book called “Game Green"

“It’s what I call the hustle manual” says Victoria!

Her book “Game Green” covers subjects like Business communication, human behavior, how to budget, save & invest into your own business.

“It’s a book to help guide new girls and warn them and then also for those who are in, to double their money and invest into something   ”

Victoria Mone’t believes  her book can inspire and also warn girls who are  considering to become an exotic dancer to understand  what exactly “Exotic dancing “ includes other than dancing on a pole . Pimps truly are getting away with a slap on their wrist and it’s leaving girls stuck & scared. Why not spread awareness, to lower the trafficking statistic.  For those that are veterans her message is to prepare for the future and begin their independent career/Business while the money is rolling in.


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