Obscura Magazine 2013 Summer Issue – The Ultraman Series

The Summer 2013 issue of Hong Kong-based lifestyle publication Osbscura Magazine is available starting today, highlighting a cover story on the classic Ultraman series. The editorial team visits Tsuburaya Productions in Japan to uncover the iconic show’s origins, while also chronicling the famed studio’s 50 years in tokusatsu, a live-action film genre that makes heavy use of special effects. The issue’s focus on craftsmanship continues with an exploration of the art of miniature model-making, featuring interviews with artisans from the U.S., UK and Hong Kong. Finally, an interview with Takashi Murakami sheds light on art studio Kaikai Kiki and the cultivation of the next generation of Japanese artists. The issue is available now at select retailers and online at Silly Thing.


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