Do Fashion people hate their jobs?

New York

According to the findings of a recent study most people in fashion are disillusioned and feel at a dead end with their job. The increasingly competitive reality of the workplace has resulted in a 'Devil Wears Prada existence' for the young and enthusiastic who still clamour to get into the industry.

Too often they find themselves working in low paying positions with little hope of advancement or chance of realizing their creative aspirations. In it's annual survey New York talent agency 24-Seven found that 48% of respondents said they were satisfied down from 51% last year and well below the 60% in 2011.

Those who said they are highly satisfied fell to a shocking 14 % continuing a downward trend from 16% last year. An almost unanimous 86% were willing to make a move. The majority now see their jobs as nothing more than grunt work.


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