Carine Roitfeld turns designer

Former French Vogue editor Carine Roitfeld has put down her pen and decided to try her hand at designing. The famous fashion journalist will participate in a project for Mercedes-Benz.

For her contribution she came up with a futuristic black dress trailed by a huge full length balloon shaped cape. It will be worn by model Sui He in a new international Spring/Summer 2014 campaign for the car company. As well she commissioned a pair of custom shoes by Italian shoemaker Gianvito Rossii with a Mercedes-Benz logo. The project was art directed by Stephen Gan.

Roitfeld was quoted as saying... "I think this car is very sober, chic and very expensive looking, so I was aiming to design something exactly the same for Sui He ... So, this dress has a perfect knee-length, it's a perfect sweater, it's black - something you can keep forever, but with a bit of a sensual look, because it very closely follows her whole body. It's very sculptural in a simple way - exactly like the car."


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