Body parts fashion...Fashion gone next level.

The hair dress
Designer Charlie Le Mindu doesn't create Haute Couture, he creates Haute Coiffure by using human hair to create outfits that only Lady Gaga can actually wear in real life.

The chest hair coat
This 'chest hair' coat was commissioned by milk drink for men 'Wing Co.' as a protest against the widespread 'manning-down' of British men, typified by clean-shaven chests and emasculating fashion. The coat features over one million strands of male chest hair, and can be yours for a mighty £2,499.

 A coat covered in male chest hair and jewellery made from breast milk; these quirky creations are not for the faint-hearted.

Breast milk jewellery
If you have an excess of expressed breast milk stored in your freezer, 'Mommy Milk Creations' has just the answer. Allicia Mogavero from Rhode Island has come up with a way of plasticizing breast milk so that it can be transformed into jewellery mementos of your beloved offspring. Buyers are instructed to send two tablespoons of their milk in a zip-lock bag to be coated in resin, but Allicia cautions: "Some milk is more yellow than others, other milk is very thin and will create a less bright bead, if you will. There may be some areas in your breast milk bead that appear slightly darker or whiter than the rest of the bead. This is because milk has fatty and non-fatty parts."

 Hairy stockings
This pair of unconventional cover-ups first appeared on microblogging Chinese site Sina Weibo (China's version of Twitter), with one user referring to them as 'anti-pervert stockings'. You can however, make your own: just remove all razors from your bathroom and watch those legs turn au naturel.

The skin ring
For just $500,000 you could purchase a ring made of Austrian designer Sruli Recht's skin. Titled 'Forget Me Knot', the strip of skin was removed from Recht's stomach during surgery.
The human bone cross
Columbine Phoenix, the maverick behind jewellery company, Sunspot Designs , notes that this $160 human bone cross 'is only offered occasionally as no two are exactly alike'. For an extra $30 you can add a red gem that symbolises the blood of Christ.

The hair necklace
Kerry Howley's necklaces are made from human hair painstakingly woven to create elaborate neckpieces. She wanted to see if she could challege the natural aversion humans have to hair once it's removed from the body by making it somehow attractive agian. Erm, jury's out on this one...
Tooth-soled shoes
British design studio Fantich and Young , for reasons unknown to us, decided to reinterpret the classic dress shoes by covering its soles in 1050 teeth, and pairing them with a suit made entirely of human hair and glass eyes. Gross.

The tooth ring
Because who doesn't want to adorn their finger with a stranger's manky old tooth? From just £16.65, specimens misplaced by the tooth fairy are sealed using a protective polymer to ensure your decorative molars won't need a filling.


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